Indoor Air Quality in Virginia Beach

Many people today have concerns about indoor air quality in Virginia Beach, VA. They wonder about what they cannot see that they take in with each breath. 

The pollutants affect their well-being and comfort along with their health. What makes indoor air quality such a challenge is it differs by the home. For this reason, every homeowner needs a professional they can count on to assess this quality and make recommendations on how to improve air quality in their residence. 

Americans spend most of their time indoors, which is why many people ask about air cleaner installation in Virginia Beach or call to learn more about home ventilator installation. People also call for more information on these devices as they learn about UV lamps and how they improve air quality, 

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What Factors Affect Indoor Air Quality in Virginia Beach, VA? 

Many things affect indoor air quality today. Pollutants increase in the home during the winter months, as people keep their doors and windows closed to stay warm. They also run the HVAC unit, which can help germs spread easily. The following three things serve as major contributors to air pollution indoors. 

HVAC systems accumulate dirt and debris throughout the year. When the system sits idle, this debris has time to build. Once the homeowner turns the system back on, it needs somewhere to go. 

As the HVAC unit runs, it distributes this dirt and debris throughout the home along with any treated air. A person can reduce the number of contaminants dispersed throughout the home by changing HVAC filters regularly. 

Carbon monoxide also contributes to indoor air pollution. Sadly, many people don’t know they have a gas leak, one that is releasing carbon monoxide into the air. 

This carbon monoxide can make them ill and lead to death if the person doesn’t get fresh air quickly. Install a carbon monoxide detector to alert family members to this harmful gas in the air. 

Excessive humidity is a source of indoor air pollution. The HVAC system works to control humidity levels in the home, but it may not always be able to do so. 

When the home lacks adequate windows to release any excess steam and moisture, mold grows. This leads to a decline in indoor air quality. 

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Many items in the home also contribute to indoor air pollution. This includes home furnishings made with pressed wood, pesticides, hygiene products, and pesticides. 

Furthermore, pollutants from the outdoors make their way into the home. A person may breathe in vehicle exhaust, pollen, mold, and more without knowing they are doing so. While it is impossible to remove every contaminant from indoor air, certain devices now come close to achieving this goal. 

Request an Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Homeowners should ask to have their indoor air quality tested. This testing process identifies any pollutants in the air and measures the contamination levels. In addition, it helps the HVAC technician identify appropriate solutions to improve indoor air quality in Virginia Beach, VA.   

Innovative Solutions

7 Services Inc. works to help clients breathe easier, be more comfortable in their own homes, and feel better. It does so by providing a variety of innovative solutions. 

Air cleaner installation in Virginia Beach is ideal for many homes. This device captures and kills bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold spores, and more. It cleans the air frequently, up to eight times an hour, to provide the occupants of the home with fresh air to breathe. 

As the device operates silently at all times, people living in the home can breathe easily. They don’t worry about pollutants building up when the HVAC system isn’t in use, as the air cleaner continues doing its job. 

Home humidifier installation in Virginia Beach is another option to consider. Relative humidity within a home should range between 30 and 60 percent. Dry air can lead to health problems and damage to the furnishings in the home. 

With the help of home humidifier installation, a person can avoid these problems. The device infuses the air with moisture to allow the occupants to remind comfortable while keeping the thermostat at a reasonable setting. 

A person might find they also need to look into home dehumidifier installation in Virginia Beach to ensure the humidity level in the home remains in the desired range. This device removes excess humidity from the air while ensuring the home stays at a comfortable temperature. 

Homeowners find they reduce the risk of mold growth, bacteria, and the spread of allergens when they choose home dehumidifier installation in Virginia Beach. Everyone in the home feels cooler, and the HVAC system won’t work as hard when this device is installed in the home. 

Adequate ventilation is needed for good air quality. However, homes are being tightened to improve energy efficiency. This leads to stale air becoming trapped in the residence. The HVAC system circulates this stale air. 

With the help of home ventilator installation in Virginia Beach, a homeowner can ensure loved ones have fresh, pre-conditioned air to breathe at all times. This home ventilator installation in Virginia Beach reduces the contaminants in the air to achieve this goal. 

When talking to a 7 Services Inc. technician about these innovative solutions, ask about UV lamp installation in Virginia Beach. Just as the sun destroys countless contaminants in the atmosphere, a UV lamp installation in Virginia Beach can do the same in the home. This lamp works with the HVAC system to attack mold and bacteria before people breathe them in. 

Call us today or contact us online for information about indoor air quality testing and services. Our team loves to answer questions and share what they know so everyone can breathe easier. 

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