High-Quality Heat Pump Installation and Repair in Virginia Beach

Homeowners invest in high-efficiency heat pumps to ensure their comfort. This type of system brings together heating and cooling in one unit, which people find to be practical and convenient. When a homeowner turns to 7 Services Inc. for Carrier electric heat pump system installation and repair in Virginia Beach, they know they will get an outstanding unit and excellent service. 

The team of experts provides clients with knowledgeable recommendations on heating and cooling options. Once the homeowner selects a system, the HVAC technician ensures they calculate the proper size for the home. Furthermore, the team handles every aspect of the heat pump installation in Virginia Beach to make certain they don’t overlook any details. 

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Our specialists are NATE-certified to provide clients with the maximum value for their energy dollars. The superior workmanship protects the reliability of the system while promoting long-lasting performance. When conscientious service and quality products come together, customers express satisfaction with the Carrier electric heat pump system installation and repair in Virginia Beach. 

Factory Authorized Electric Heat Pump System Installation and Service In Virginia Beach

7 Services Inc. now serves as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. The manufacturer awarded us this designation for our consistently high performance on customer approval surveys and our commitment to meeting exacting standards. We specialize in Carrier electric heat pump system installation and repair. We also receive ongoing training in advanced techniques and technology to ensure the technicians can handle every aspect of the system installation. 

To properly size, locate, and implement the new heat pump, the technicians must possess the expertise, experience, and latest tools. 7 Services Inc. has the background and equipment to handle this task and can address any challenge that arises, doing so professionally. 

How Does a Carrier Electric Heat Pump System Work? 

Electric heat pumps don’t convert electricity into heat to warm homes. The system absorbs warmth from the air before multiplying it. It then distributes the heat to the home through ductwork. During the summer months, the system reverses the process. It pulls warm air from the home and transfers it outside to cool the residence. 

When the system doesn’t heat or cool the air to the desired temperature, call on us for heat pump repair in Virginia Beach. Our HVAC technician will examine the system to determine why the unit is malfunctioning. They will then recommend a heat pump installation in Virginia Beach if the homeowner needs a new system or a repair. When doing so, they always do what is in the customer’s best interests. 

Many homeowners choose the Infinity 20 Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence. This unit achieves up to 20.5 SEER and 13.0 HSPF. In addition, it has received the Most Efficient 2012 qualification from Energy Star, as it offers exceptional heating capacity. 

The system functions even when temperatures drop into the teens outside. In fact, a homeowner can include it in Carrier’s Hybrid Heat Dual System. The system comes with a variable-speed compressor, which can respond to changes in indoor conditions and adjust output. 

This allows the unit to provide the precise amount of heating or cooling to keep the home at the desired temperature. The system runs longer while providing outstanding energy efficiency at steadier capacities. Homeowners love the quiet operation, the ability to customize different zones, and the dehumidification offered during the muggy summer months. 

Call for Carrier Electric Heat Pump System Installation and Repair in Virginia Beach

Whether a homeowner needs heat pump maintenance in Virginia Beach or wishes to upgrade an existing system, 7 Services Inc. is ready to help. We provide multiple heat pumps options, so homeowners can find a system that meets their needs in terms of performance, efficiency, and affordability 

Our NATE and EPA-certified heat pump specialist in Virginia Beach will handle every step of the project with outstanding attention to detail. They provide personalized attention and remain dedicated to doing the job right the first time. Customers know they can count on the heat pump specialist in Virginia Beach to be on time and do the project within budget. 

When an estimate is needed on a replacement system, if a customer requires heat pump repair in Virginia Beach, or when they want help in maintaining a system, the technician will do the work. Customer satisfaction remains the top priority in every job. As the technician completes the installation, repair, or heat pump maintenance, they explain how to keep the system up and running. 

No job is complete until the customer understands how to operate and maintain the unit and the benefits of doing so. Call or contact 7 Services Inc. online today for more information on heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance. We are here to answer your questions.

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