Gas Furnace Installation

Gas Furnace Installation

Furnace installation

When it’s time to replace you gas furnace it’s important to not only choose the right furnace for you home, but the right furnace for your comfort. Gas furnace installation have very precise city codes for the installation that must be followed. Failure to follow these codes could cause you issues with comfort, efficiency and a red flag when you go to sell your home. Brand of  furnace is not as important as how the different furnaces operate. A single stage furnace comes on when you need heat, brings the house up to temperature than shuts off. This type of system is great for a small house. A two stage or modulating furnace is designed to run longer. This type on furnace will provide much greater comfort to all areas of the home, especially if you have a two story home.

While the furnace may run much longer it will also stay off much longer because it ran long enough to add heat in all the objects in your home. Such as wall, floor tile and counter tops. In order for the furnace to come back on everything must give up a little heat. This take much longer that is one f the reason you home will be much more comfortable. You also have the choice of an 80%, 90% and even a 98% efficient furnace. There a benefits and drawbacks between each one. The main reason to choose a higher efficient furnace is if your choice will provide you with a greater pay back over the life of the equipment. If it cost more to install a 90% plus furnace that you will receive back in saving it may not be the right choice for you and your family.

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